The 1st Game

MechVerse:Origin is a base-building strategy game (Like Rimworld, Factorio and Stardew Valley) inspired in space exploration embedded with Functional NFTs.

The core objective of the Outpost is to serve you as your home base to explore the vast MechVerse Universe. To Accomplish that, you will need to defend your settlement from pests, build and craft artifacts to automate the work, and finally build a probe that will allow you to go to other planets of the MechVerse and claim them for your clan.

The MechVerse will work online and available for Browsers in Desktop and Mobile devices.

Time and Economy

The time of the game follows the Cardano Blockchain Epochs. Because of it, progress, resourcing and traveling are all synch with the blockchain internal clock.

For example:

  • Certain resources will take 1 Epoch to be gathered

  • Certain places will take 1 Epoch to be explored

  • Certain units will take 1 Epoch to recover from battle

Automated Tasks

All task on MechVerse are automated and executed by Mechs. This allows for and off-hand experience that will require strategic thinking but not a huge time investment to enjoy the game.

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