Crafting Artifacts

After you have collected resources or found native objects, you can use an Outpost Crafting Station to transform them into new artifacts.

The type of artifacts you will have access to:

  • Defense and Attack Artifacts: Weapons, Storage, Troops

  • Outpost Extension Artifacts: New Buildings and tools

  • Outpost Decoration Artifacts: Personalization

Artifacts can also be source material for crafting new artifacts.

The Crafting Process is as follows:

  • Select the source materials (from your wallet or your inventory) and send them to the crafting station. (If the source materials are from the 5 essential types, they will go back to the general pile to be recycled, rare materials and native objects are not recyclable. They will be burned.)

  • After the items arrive to the Crafting Wallet, you can select the recipe you want to follow. (NOTE: The items should come from the same wallet, and need to share the same wallet as your Outpost, multi-wallet support is not available for Crafting)

  • The Crafting Smart Contract will create the new artifact and send it to the same wallet of the Outpost.

Crafting resources to new rNFTs will have a cost. Every Crafted rNFT will also contain a 2.5% Royalty that will go to support the continuity of the MechVerse.

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