MechVerse:Origin NFTs

Game loop provides rewards

MechVerse:Origin NFTs

MechVerse:Origin is our first game in development. This slow paced Base-Building game will have NFTs at its core. All the units, pieces and places will be owned by the players in the form of NFTs.

Commanders manage an outpost in an interplanetary universe called MV1. They are able to choose their own path at any time whether it is: crafting resources, creating experiences, gaming, or creating their own way to reap profits from the economies.

In a later iteration game (codenamed: Pioneers), players will control their Mechs (uploaded via Wallet and useable as in-game assets) on a hex game board inspired by Risk. The goal is to conquer the board before the opponent does. The game loop provides rewards in the forms of NFT and in the future MECH tokens. First and foremost, the experience will be fun and engaging to play for avid strategy game fans.

The blockchain enabled world will have for goal to provide financial freedom for the unbanked and those that want to play to earn, as well as supporting several NGOs with donations of money, NFTs or both.

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