Land Selector NFTs

15.000 hexes for Outpost, resource extraction, rentals

Land Selector NFTs

MechVerse players will be able to buy Land NFTs of each one of the 10 planets of MV1 (MechVerse Planetary System) starting with Ignis (The Fire Planet).

In Ignis we will offer 15.000 hexes for sale that can be used for Outpost building, resource extraction or renting to other players.

Private Lands: Every Pioneer Pass holder will receive an Outpost by default, but will have the opportunity to buy up to 10 hexes. Each player will be able to assign a Clan to their Outposts giving them higher special abilities to craft special artifacts, mine certain resources faster or trade in the MechVerse Merchant with other players of the same clan at lower fees. The First Pioneers will be able to access their settlements in highly prosperous and rich environments, and will be given some support tools to enhance their first arrivals.

Public Lands: All Regular Pass Holders that don't own Land will play from a shared Outpost area. They will, as well, be able to Rent an Outpost or fight and win matches to buy their own Outpost Land. Other way of wining at MechVerse:Origin is by gathering resources from Public Lands. There will be 1.500 pieces of Land that are accessible to every MechVerse Member that is not a Land Owner. Each one of this Lands will have limited resources and the drop rate will be limited. This will be an available resource for players that don't have enough capital to access their own lands.

Rented Lands: Private Lands can be rented. The arrangement of the rent will be agreed by the lender and the tenants, and will have a 3% Fee.

Using a rented Outpost Crafting Station will give the Land Owner an up to 20% commission on all crafting done in the rented station. The Land Owner could transfer a part or a total of the commission back to the renter.

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