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Blockchain Enabled Entertainment

Our Vision

The Distributed and Decentralized nature of the blockchain technology makes it a well-suited system to build on top of for access control and digital assets ownership management. Both, access and digital assets, are transactionally based and its ownership can be transferred in a permission-less environment as the distributed ledger where blockchain builds on.
Entertainment businesses are singularly based on providing access and asset ownership to their user base, in forms of event tickets, accounts, toys, or other IP related content.
All these transactions, when moved to the blockchain, are now assets that can be used, leveraged upon, rented and distributed as they were never before. This turns any fandom into something not only a community can enjoy but also as a profitable stream for the creator; which is a stark contrast to the legacy world where it was locked by private and centralized ownership models. In essence, this empowers content creators along with members of the network via various channels so they can reap rewards of the network effects.
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